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Deanery Lending Library



We are constantly adding new titles, some given to us, some newly published. The contents of the Library improve week by week and the books need borrowing!

Available from The Forbury 9.30am -1pm weekdays.

You can access the Library at the Forbury by the spiral staircase from the hall, or by the staircase from reception. Whenever the Forbury is open, the books are available, just sign them out in the book on the desk. 

You will find a list of the very latest additions in the library but here is an updated book list (in Excel Spreadsheet format). November 2017 list. If you want to "custom sort" the list, for example, alphabetical order by Author, be sure you first highlight all the columns, by clicking in the top left corner above cell A1.)

If you cannot find what you are looking for, or for further information, visit the Forbury or email

Devotional Readings - Classics
A small selection of the many books available from the library.


Library Facility for local parishioners and the Priory Ministry.

Christian Books to suit all tastes and needs.

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