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References, Credits and Thank You's

The history of The Forbury Chapel has been collated from a wide range of reference books, primary source historical documents housed in Hereford Archives and Records Centre (HARC), local residents memories and expertise from volunteers. The Forbury Chapel project would like to thank:


Joe and Caroline Hillaby for their kind permission to incorporate their in depth research into our heritage interpretation resources.

Deborah Jarman from, who has volunteered many hours to collate images from the Winterbourne Photograph Collection held at HARC, and carry out research and information preparation for the new visitor resources.

Jill Hanna, our neighbour and volunteer, who has researched and dug deep into the archives to unearth the Chapel's history. 

Barry Simmons, whose enthusiasm for both the theatre and local history was a great help in the early stages of the Project, before he sadly passed away.

David Fenmore, organiser of Leominster Medieval PageantLeominster Medieval Society 

for his assistance is preparing scripts and organising a merry team of re-enactors to create our short film of the origins of the Forbury Chapel, and putting it into context of the the time.

Staff and volunteers at HARC, for their assistance and photographs of archived documents.

Alex Ramsey, for photography services to document the Chapel and it's hidden historical treasures.

Dennis Downey, Pete Blench and Richard Brookman- all excellent 'Monk' Hidden Heritage walk leaders, and the Trustees of Leominster Festival, organisers of Leominster Apple Fayre and Leominster Tourist Information Centre for hosting and promoting the walks.

Anthony Hurdidge and Leominster Team Ministry staff and volunteers for their support and assistance throughout the Project.

Liz Womak and Leominster Town Council for their support to co-ordinate heritage interpretation signage for the town.


Bibliography & References


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10 Draft Mortgage 8th July 1903. HARC records. Original document

11 The Suppressed Benedictine Minster and other Ancient and Modern Institutions of the Borough of Leominster.. H.Gainsford Blacklock. Leominster Folk Museum, Etnam St.

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